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I'm trying to access metadata (FITS headers) for my DECam program (2021A-0113, proprietary waived). Since SIA is down (https://datalab.noirlab.edu/help/index.php?qa=989&qa_1=sia-download-not-working-in-datalab-python-module) I was trying with the queryClient, using the examples in 01_JupyterPythonSQL101.ipynb.

I hoped to find my data in either the 'ivoa_nsa' or 'ivoa_raw', and used queries like the one pasted below (with spatial constraints for my field centers), but this does not return data later than 2020-03. Maybe that is as expected? E.g., it takes some time for data to get into the ivoa archive that this is querying? Maybe I'm using the wrong tool here.

query = """SELECT ra_j2000,dec_j2000,telescope,instrument,filter,exptime,propid,mjd_obs
FROM ivoa_nsa.exposure
WHERE instrument = 'DECam'
AND ra_j2000 BETWEEN 149.0 AND 151.0
AND dec_j2000 BETWEEN 1.5 AND 3.5
LIMIT 100000
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Hi Melissa,

you've probably seen this already, but for completeness/posterity:

The SIA services stood up by Data Lab are for image collections published as/by the various surveys that Data Lab hosts or co-hosts. We (Data Lab) populate a image metadata database with the properties of the image files, on which users can then perform SIA queries. These do _not_ cover PI data. We those, please see the Astro Data Archive


including their example notebooks how one could search for such data:



answered Jul 5 by robertdemo (2,340 points)
Addendum for other users: A firewall configuration issue was solved a few days ago, and you can now (again) run the notebooks from  https://github.com/NOAO/nat-nb/ on the Data Lab notebook server: https://datalab.noirlab.edu/devbooks/

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