Data Access

The PHAT data are accessible by a variety of means:

Data Lab Table Access Protocol (TAP) service

TAP provides a convenient access layer to the PHAT catalog database. TAP-aware clients (such as TOPCAT) can point to, select the phat_v2 database, and see the database tables and descriptions. phat_v2 contains two main tables: phot_mod and phot_meas, for the combined object and single epoch measurements, respectively.

Data Lab Query Manager

The Query Manager is available as part of the prototype Data Lab software distribution. The Query Manager client provides a Python API to Data Lab database services.

Jupyter Notebook Server

The Data Lab Jupyter Notebook server contains examples of how to access and visualize the PHAT catalog.

FTP access

All of the PHAT catalog files, images, and products of the photometric pipeline are available as files at MAST site.