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Table: dad_dr2.addgrp
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
checkedindicate of verification (e.g. visually)CHAR
datasetdataset identifierCHAR
digestrarity/interest score from the digest2 program (0-100)INTEGER
duplicate_ofIdentifier of a duplicate objectCHAR
found_asFound asCHAR
groupidtracklet ID number within datasetINTEGER
jpgfilename for cutout graphic of the trackletCHAR
magestimated average magnitude over detected observationsREAL
movidunique tracklet ID assigned by the surveyCHAR
nobsnumber of detections associated with the trackletINTEGER
paapparent position angle from measured positions (deg)REAL
rateapparent rate of motion from measured positions (arcsec/hr)REAL
rate_pct(for internal use)REAL
rate_rms(for internal use)REAL
ratecapprox. projection corrected rate (rate/cos(opposition))REAL