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Table: decaps_dr1.ccds
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
airmassAirmass extinctionDOUBLE[]
arawgainAverage gain for this CCDDOUBLE[]
avskyAverage sky level in this image (ADU)DOUBLE[]
brick_x0Brick region start xSMALLINT
brick_x1Brick region end xSMALLINT
brick_y0Brick region start ySMALLINT
brick_y1Brick region end ySMALLINT
cameraThe camera that took this imageVARCHAR(n)
ccd_x0Physical array start xSMALLINT
ccd_x1Physical array end xSMALLINT
ccd_y0Physical array start ySMALLINT
ccd_y1Physical array end ySMALLINT
ccddecoffMedian astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsecREAL
ccdnameCCD name (see DECam layout)VARCHAR(n)
ccdnmatchNumber of stars matched to PS1 catalog of matched starsINTEGER
ccdnumCCD number (see DECam layout)BIGINT
ccdraoffMedian astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsecREAL
ccdzptZero point for the CCD (AB mag)DOUBLE[]
cd1_1Astrometric header value: transformation matrixDOUBLE[]
cd1_2Astrometric header value: transformation matrixDOUBLE[]
cd2_1Astrometric header value: transformation matrixDOUBLE[]
cd2_2Astrometric header value: transformation matrixDOUBLE[]
crpix1Astrometric header value: X reference pixelDOUBLE[]
crpix2Astrometric header value: Y reference pixelDOUBLE[]
crval1Astrometric header value: RA of reference pixelDOUBLE[]
crval2Astrometric header value: Dec of reference pixelDOUBLE[]
date_obsDate of observation startVARCHAR(n)
decApproximate declination center of this CCD (deg)DOUBLE[]
dec_boreTelescope boresight Dec of this exposure (deg)DOUBLE[]
expnumUnique DECam exposure numberBIGINT
exptimeExposure time (sec)DOUBLE[]
extnameExtension nameVARCHAR(n)
filterFilter used for observationCHAR
fwhm[Use seeing instead]DOUBLE[]
galnormNorm of the PSF model convolved by a 0.45 arcsec exponential galaxyREAL
heightHeight of the image (pixels)BIGINT
image_filenamePath to FITS imageVARCHAR(n)
image_hduFITS HDU number in the image_filename file where this image can be foundBIGINT
mjd_obsDate of observation in MJD (in UTC system)DOUBLE[]
objectName listed in the object tag from the CCD headerVARCHAR(n)
plverCommuity Pipeline (CP) version numberVARCHAR(n)
propidPropsal IDVARCHAR(n)
psfnormPSF norm = 1/sqrt of N_eff = sqrt(sum(psf_i^2)) for normalized PSF pixels iDOUBLE[]
psfplverPSF Community Pipeline (CP) version numberCHAR
psfverVersion of the fits format for this PSFTYPECHAR
raApproximate right ascension center of this CCD (deg)DOUBLE[]
ra_boreTelescope boresight RA of this exposure (deg)DOUBLE[]
seeingSeeing in arcseconds determined by fitting a 2-dimensional gaussian to the median PSF of stars on the CCDDOUBLE[]
sig1Median per-pixel error standard deviation, in nanomaggiesDOUBLE[]
skyplverSky Community Pipeline (CP) version numberVARCHAR(n)
skyverSky versionCHAR
wcsplverWCS Community Pipeline (CP) version numberVARCHAR(n)
wcsverWCS versionCHAR
widthWidth of the image (pixels)BIGINT
zpscatterZero point scatterDOUBLE[]
zptMedian zero point for the entire image (median of all CCDs of the image)DOUBLE[]