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(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
airmassAirmass extinctionDOUBLE[]
aosAOS data available if trueSMALLINT
azTelescope azimuthDOUBLE[]
bcamBCAM data available if trueSMALLINT
bitpixNumber of bits per data pixelBIGINT
bunitPhotoelectrons per secondVARCHAR
camshutShutter status during observationVARCHAR
catfnameFilename of cat FITS file, e.g.
ccdbin1Binning factor along axis 1BIGINT
ccdbin2Binning factor along axis 2BIGINT
ccdsecCCD sectionVARCHAR
checksumFITS header keyword used to verify the integrity of the HDUVARCHAR
constverSISPI constants versionVARCHAR
corn1decDec corner of exposure (deg)DOUBLE[]
corn1raRA corner of exposure (deg)DOUBLE[]
corn2decDec corner of exposure (deg)DOUBLE[]
corn2raRA corner of exposure (deg)DOUBLE[]
corn3decDec corner of exposure (deg)DOUBLE[]
corn3raRA corner of exposure (deg)DOUBLE[]
corn4decDec corner of exposure (deg)DOUBLE[]
corn4raRA corner of exposure (deg)DOUBLE[]
darktimeTotal elapsed time (sec)DOUBLE[]
datasumFITS header keyword used to verify the integrity of the HDU data unitCHAR
dateDate of observationVARCHAR
date_obsDate of observationVARCHAR
decDeclination (deg)DOUBLE[]
des_extImage extensionVARCHAR
detsizeDetector sizeVARCHAR
dheinfController infoVARCHAR
dimmseePachon DIMM seeingDOUBLE[]
dodxX-decenter from donut analysis (um)DOUBLE[]
dodyY-decenter from donut analysis (um)DOUBLE[]
dodzZ-decenter from donut analysis (um)DOUBLE[]
domeazDome position (deg)DOUBLE[]
domeflorTemperature of dome floor (deg C)DOUBLE[]
domehighTemperature at dome back, upper (deg C)DOUBLE[]
domelowTemperature at dome back, lower (deg C)DOUBLE[]
donutfn1Mean wavefrontVARCHAR
donutfn2Mean wavefrontVARCHAR
donutfn3Mean wavefrontVARCHAR
donutfn4Mean wavefrontVARCHAR
donutfs1Mean wavefrontVARCHAR
donutfs2Mean wavefrontVARCHAR
donutfs3Mean wavefrontVARCHAR
donutfs4Mean wavefrontVARCHAR
doxtX-theta from donut analysis (arcsec)DOUBLE[]
doytY-theta from donut analysis (arcsec)DOUBLE[]
dt_rtnamNSA root nameVARCHAR
dtaccounObserving account nameVARCHAR
dtacqnamFile name supplied at telescopeVARCHAR
dtacquisHost name of data acquisition computerVARCHAR
dtcaldatCalendar date from observing scheduleVARCHAR
dtcopyriCopyright holder of dataVARCHAR
dtinstruInstrument identifierVARCHAR
dtnsanamFile name supplied at NSAVARCHAR
dtobservScheduling institutionVARCHAR
dtpiPrincipal InvestigatorVARCHAR
dtpiafflPI affiliationCHAR
dtpropidProposal ID validated by ArchiveVARCHAR
dtqueueDTS queue (1513)VARCHAR
dtsiteTelescope/observatory local from which original raw data was takenVARCHAR
dtstatusData transport statusVARCHAR
dttelescTelescope identifierVARCHAR
dttitleTitle of dataCHAR
dtutcPost exposure UTC epoch from DTSVARCHAR
equinoxEquinox of RA and DecDOUBLE[]
errorsSISPI readout errorsVARCHAR
excludedDECam components not used for this frameCHAR
exp_idExposure IDBIGINT
expnumExposure numberBIGINT
expreqRequested exposure time (sec)DOUBLE[]
exptimeActual exposure time (sec)DOUBLE[]
fadxFA delta X (um)DOUBLE[]
fadyFA delta Y (um)DOUBLE[]
fadzFA delta Z (um)DOUBLE[]
faxtFA delta x-theta (arcsec)DOUBLE[]
faytFA delta Y-theta (arcsec)DOUBLE[]
filenameFilename of fits imageVARCHAR
filterFilter usedVARCHAR
filteridFilter (one of g,r,i,z,Y)VARCHAR
filtposInstrument filter positionVARCHAR
fits_decDeclination of FITS image (deg)DOUBLE[]
fits_raRight ascension of FITS image (deg)DOUBLE[]
g_ccdnumNumber of guide CCDs that remained activeBIGINT
g_feedbkGuider feedback (%)VARCHAR
g_flxvarGuider mean guide star flux variances (arcsec)DOUBLE[]
g_latencGuider average latency between exposures (sec)DOUBLE[]
g_maxxGuider x-axis mamimum offset (arcsec)DOUBLE[]
g_maxyGuider y-axis maximum offset (arcsec)DOUBLE[]
g_meanxGuider x-axis mean offset (arcsec)DOUBLE[]
g_meanx2Guider (x) 2nd moment mean offset (arcsec^2)DOUBLE[]
g_meanxyGuider (xy) 2nd moment mean offset (arcsec^2)DOUBLE[]
g_meanyGuider y-axis mean offset (arcsec)DOUBLE[]
g_meany2Guider (y) 2nd moment mean offset (arcsec^2)DOUBLE[]
g_modeGuider operation modeVARCHAR
g_seeingGuider average seeing (arcsec)DOUBLE[]
g_transpGuider average sky transparencyDOUBLE[]
gskyhotRASICAM global sky fraction above thresholdDOUBLE[]
gskyphotRASICAM global sky clear flagSMALLINT
gskyvarRASICAM global sky standard deviationDOUBLE[]
guiderGuider (0-absent,1-ok,2-lost star,3-lost all stars)BIGINT
haHour angle of observationVARCHAR
hdrverDECam fits header versionVARCHAR
humidityPercent humidity outsideDOUBLE[]
instanceSISPI instance nameVARCHAR
instrumeName of instrument usedVARCHAR
iraf_tlmTime of last modificationVARCHAR
lskyhotRASICAM local sky fraction above thresholdVARCHAR
lskyphotRASICAM local sky clear flagSMALLINT
lskypowRASICAM local sky normalized powerVARCHAR
lskyvarRASICAM local sky standard deviationVARCHAR
lutverHexapod Lookup Table versionVARCHAR
lwtrtempLower truss temperature (deg C)VARCHAR
magzeroMagnitude zero point (mag)DOUBLE[]
magzptMagnitude zero point per sec (mag)DOUBLE[]
mairtempMirror temperature above surface (deg C)DOUBLE[]
median_fwhm_geoMedian FWHM geometry modeDOUBLE[]
median_fwhm_majMedian FWHM of major axisDOUBLE[]
mjd_obsModified Julian Date of observationDOUBLE[]
msurtempMirror surface average temperature (deg C)DOUBLE[]
multiexpFrame contains multiple exposures if trueSMALLINT
naxisNumber of data axesBIGINT
ndonutsAOS number of donuts analyzed for this CCDBIGINT
nextendNumber of extensionsBIGINT
objectObject nameVARCHAR
obs_elevObservatory elevationDOUBLE[]
obs_latObservatory latitude (deg)DOUBLE[]
obs_longObservatory longitude (deg)DOUBLE[]
observatName of observatory usedVARCHAR
observerName of observerVARCHAR
obsidObservation IDVARCHAR
obstypeObservation type (object, zero, dark, dome flat)VARCHAR
odateobsPrevious date-obsCHAR
openshutDate and time at shutter open (UTC)VARCHAR
originLow edge of first LST histogram bin (deg)VARCHAR
outtempOutside temperature (celsius)DOUBLE[]
photflagNight Photometric (1) or not (0)BIGINT
photrefPhototometric reference catalogVARCHAR
pixscal1Pixel scale for axis 1 (arcsec/pixel)DOUBLE[]
pixscal2Pixel scale for axis 2 (arcsec/pixel)DOUBLE[]
plarverPL NSA archive versionBIGINT
pldnamePL datasetVARCHAR
pldsidPL NSA nameVARCHAR
plfnamePL filenameVARCHAR
plprocidUnique, time-based, CP processing hash - see the plprocid page for how to convert this to a dateVARCHAR
plqnamePL datasetVARCHAR
plqueuePL queueVARCHAR
plverCommunity Pipeline (CP) version numberVARCHAR
pme_tempMirror east edge temperature (deg C)DOUBLE[]
pmn_tempMirror north edge temperature (deg C)DOUBLE[]
pmostempPrimary mirror top surface temperature (deg C)DOUBLE[]
pms_tempMirror south edge temperature (deg C)DOUBLE[]
pmw_tempMirror west edge temperature (deg C)DOUBLE[]
pressureAir pressure outside (torr)DOUBLE[]
proctypeProcessing typeVARCHAR
prodtypeProduct type (image, dqmask, expmap, etc)VARCHAR
programName of programVARCHAR
propidProposal IDVARCHAR
proposerName of proposer PIVARCHAR
pupilampAmplitude of pupilDOUBLE[]
pupilmaxCamera pupil maximum (mm)DOUBLE[]
raRight ascension (deg)DOUBLE[]
radecsysThe RA/Dec system usedVARCHAR
radesysCoordinate reference frame of major/minor axesVARCHAR
recnoRecord number assigned by the VizieR team. Should not be used for identification.BIGINT
rmcountRemediation counterBIGINT
sb_accouiSTB client user accountVARCHAR
sb_dir1Level 1 directory in NSA DSVARCHAR
sb_dir2Level 2 directory in NSA DSVARCHAR
sb_dir3Level 3 directory in NSA DSVARCHAR
sb_hostiSTB client hostVARCHAR
sb_idUnique iSTB identifierVARCHAR
sb_localLocale of iSTB daemonVARCHAR
sb_nameName assigned by iSTBVARCHAR
sb_recnoiSTB sequence numberBIGINT
sb_rtnamNSA root nameVARCHAR
sb_siteiSTB host siteVARCHAR
scampchichi2 value from SCAMPDOUBLE[]
scampflgFlag for SCAMP; 0=no WARNING; 1=WARNING existsBIGINT
scampnumnumber of matched stars from SCAMPBIGINT
sispiverSISPI software versionVARCHAR
skystatCloud camera (RASICAM) available if trueSMALLINT
skysubSky subtractionDOUBLE[]
skyupdatTime of last RASICAM exposure (UTC)VARCHAR
smf_fnSingle-mode-fiber (SMF) frequencyDOUBLE[]
teldec[HH:MM:SS] telescope DecVARCHAR
telequinEquinox of telescope coordinatesDOUBLE[]
telescopName of telescope usedVARCHAR
telfocusDESI hexapod settingsVARCHAR
telra[HH:MM:SS] telescope RAVARCHAR
telstatTelescope tracking statusVARCHAR
time_obsTime of observationVARCHAR
time_recordedTime recordedVARCHAR
timesysTime systemVARCHAR
uptrtempUpper truss temperature (deg C)DOUBLE[]
ute_tempUpper truss temperature east (deg C)DOUBLE[]
utn_tempUpper truss temperature north (deg C)DOUBLE[]
uts_tempUpper truss temperature south (deg C)DOUBLE[]
utw_tempUpper truss temperature west (deg C)DOUBLE[]
validaData from amp A is validSMALLINT
validbData from amp B is validSMALLINT
vsubTrue if CCD substrate voltage is onSMALLINT
winddirWind direction outside (deg)DOUBLE[]
windspdWind speed outside (m/s)DOUBLE[]
xtalkfilCrosstalk fileVARCHAR
zdZenith distance of observationDOUBLE[]