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Table: decaps_dr1.meas
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
airmassAirmass extinctionDOUBLE[]
chip_idCCD number (one of 1,2,3,4)INTEGER
decDeclination (deg)DOUBLE[]
decapsidUnique identifierBIGINT
dfluxflux uncertaintyREAL
dfluxlbsfluxlbs uncertaintyREAL
dxx coordinate uncertaintyREAL
dyy coordinate uncertaintyREAL
elatEcliptic latitude (deg)DOUBLE[]
elonEcliptic longitude (deg)DOUBLE[]
exptimeExposure time (sec)REAL
filteridFilter (one of g,r,i,z,Y)CHAR
flagsCommunity Pipeline flag value at central pixelINTEGER
fluxInstrumental flux (ADU)REAL
fluxlbslocal-background-subtracted flux (ADU)REAL
fracfluxPSF-weighted fraction of flux from this sourceREAL
fwhmFull width at half maximum of PSF (pix)REAL
gaingain at source location (e-/ADU)REAL
glatGalactic latitude (deg)DOUBLE[]
glonGalactic longitude (deg)DOUBLE[]
htm9HTM index (order 9 => ~10 arcmin size)INTEGER
mag_errMagnitude uncertaintyREAL
mjd_obsModified Julian Date of the observationDOUBLE[]
nest4096HEALPIX index (Nsides 4096, Nest scheme => ~52 arcsec size)INTEGER
psfOctant of CCD where model was instantiated (1-8)INTEGER
qfQuality factor, PSF-weighted fraction of good pixelsREAL
raRight ascension (deg)DOUBLE[]
rchi2PSF-weighted fraction average chi^2REAL
ring256HEALPIX index (Nsides 256, Ring scheme => ~14 arcmin size)INTEGER
skysky at source location (ADU)REAL
snrSignal-to-noise ratioREAL
xx coordinate in the CCD (pix)DOUBLE[]
yy coordinate in the CCD (pix)DOUBLE[]
zpZero point (mag)REAL