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Table: decaps_dr1.meas
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
airmassAirmass extinctionDOUBLE
chip_idCCD number (one of 1,2,3,4)INTEGER
decDeclination (deg)DOUBLE
decapsidUnique identifierBIGINT
dfluxflux uncertaintyREAL
dfluxlbsfluxlbs uncertaintyREAL
dxx coordinate uncertaintyREAL
dyy coordinate uncertaintyREAL
elatEcliptic latitude (deg)DOUBLE
elonEcliptic longitude (deg)DOUBLE
exptimeExposure time (sec)REAL
filteridFilter (one of g,r,i,z,Y)CHAR
flagsCommunity Pipeline flag value at central pixelINTEGER
fluxInstrumental flux (ADU)REAL
fluxlbslocal-background-subtracted flux (ADU)REAL
fracfluxPSF-weighted fraction of flux from this sourceREAL
fwhmFull width at half maximum of PSF (pix)REAL
gaingain at source location (e-/ADU)REAL
glatGalactic latitude (deg)DOUBLE
glonGalactic longitude (deg)DOUBLE
htm9HTM index (order 9 => ~10 arcmin size)INTEGER
mag_errMagnitude uncertaintyREAL
mjd_obsModified Julian Date of the observationDOUBLE
nest4096HEALPIX index (Nsides 4096, Nest scheme => ~52 arcsec size)INTEGER
psfOctant of CCD where model was instantiated (1-8)INTEGER
qfQuality factor, PSF-weighted fraction of good pixelsREAL
raRight ascension (deg)DOUBLE
rchi2PSF-weighted fraction average chi^2REAL
ring256HEALPIX index (Nsides 256, Ring scheme => ~14 arcmin size)INTEGER
skysky at source location (ADU)REAL
snrSignal-to-noise ratioREAL
xx coordinate in the CCD (pix)DOUBLE
yy coordinate in the CCD (pix)DOUBLE
zpZero point (mag)REAL