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Table: desi_edr.fiberassign
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
device_locDevice location on focal plane [0-523]INTEGER
elatEcliptic latitudeDOUBLE
elonEcliptic longitudeDOUBLE
fa_targetTargeting bit internally used by fiberassign (linked with FA_TYPE)BIGINT
fa_typeTarget type (science, standard, sky, safe, suppsky)SMALLINT
fiberFiber ID on the CCDs [0-4999]INTEGER
fiberassign_xExpected CS5 X on focal planeREAL
fiberassign_yExpected CS5 Y on focal planeREAL
fiberstatusFiber status mask. 0=goodINTEGER
glatGalactic latitudeDOUBLE
glonGalactic longitudeDOUBLE
htm9Ninth level (~10 arcmin resolution) Hierarchical Triangular Mesh index (Szalay et al. 2007)INTEGER
idArbitrary primary key composed from targetid, tileid, locationVARCHAR
lambda_refWavelength at which targets should be centered on fibersREAL
locationLocation on the focal plane PETAL_LOC*1000 + DEVICE_LOCINTEGER
nest4096Nested-scheme HEALPix (Gorski et al. 2005) index with Nsides=4096 (~52 arcsec size)INTEGER
petal_locPetal location [0-9]SMALLINT
priorityTarget current priorityINTEGER
random_idRandom ID in the range 0.0 => 100.0 (not unique)REAL
ring256Ring-scheme HEALPix (Gorski et al. 2005) index with Nsides=256 (~14 arcmin size)INTEGER
target_decTarget declinationDOUBLE
target_raTarget right ascensionDOUBLE
targetidUnique DESI target IDBIGINT
tileidUnique DESI tile IDINTEGER