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Table: gaia_dr2.gaia_source
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
a_g_percentile_loweraGVal lower uncertaintyREAL
a_g_percentile_upperaGVal upper uncertaintyREAL
a_g_valline-of-sight extinction in the G band, A_G)REAL
astrometric_chi2_alAL chi-square valueDOUBLE
astrometric_excess_noiseExcess noise of the sourceDOUBLE
astrometric_excess_noise_sigSignificance of excess noiseDOUBLE
astrometric_gof_alGoodness of fit statistic of model wrt along-scan observationsDOUBLE
astrometric_matched_observationsMatched FOV transits used in the AGIS solutionSMALLINT
astrometric_n_bad_obs_alNumber of bad observations ALSMALLINT
astrometric_n_good_obs_alNumber of good observations ALSMALLINT
astrometric_n_obs_acTotal number of observations ACSMALLINT
astrometric_n_obs_alTotal number of observations ALSMALLINT
astrometric_params_solvedWhich parameters have been solved for?SMALLINT
astrometric_primary_flagPrimary or secondaySMALLINT
astrometric_pseudo_colourAstrometrically determined pseudocolour of the sourceDOUBLE
astrometric_pseudo_colour_errorStandard error of the pseudocolour of the sourceDOUBLE
astrometric_sigma5d_maxThe longest semi-major axis of the 5-d error ellipsoidDOUBLE
astrometric_weight_alMean astrometric weight of the sourceDOUBLE
bGalactic latitudeDOUBLE
bp_gBP - G colourDOUBLE
bp_rpBP - RP colourDOUBLE
dec_errorStandard error of declinationDOUBLE
dec_parallax_corrCorrelation between declination and parallaxDOUBLE
dec_pmdec_corrCorrelation between declination and proper motion in declinationDOUBLE
dec_pmra_corrCorrelation between declination and proper motion in right ascensionDOUBLE
designationUnique source designation (unique across all Data Releases)CHAR
duplicated_sourceSource with duplicate sourcesSMALLINT
e_bp_min_rp_percentile_lowereBPminRPVal lower uncertaintyREAL
e_bp_min_rp_percentile_uppereBPminRPVal upper uncertaintyREAL
e_bp_min_rp_valline-of-sight reddening E(BP-RP)REAL
ecl_latEcliptic latitudeDOUBLE
ecl_lonEcliptic longitudeDOUBLE
flame_flagsFlags for the Apsis-FLAME resultsINTEGER
frame_rotator_object_typeThe type of the source mainly used for frame rotationSMALLINT
g_rpG - RP colourDOUBLE
htm9Ninth level (~10 arcmin resolution) Hierarchical Triangular Mesh index (Szalay et al. 2007)INTEGER
lGalactic longitudeDOUBLE
lum_percentile_lowerlumVal lower uncertaintyDOUBLE
lum_percentile_upperlumVal upper uncertaintyDOUBLE
lum_valstellar luminosityDOUBLE
matched_observationsAmount of observations matched to this sourceSMALLINT
mean_varpi_factor_alMean Parallax factor ALDOUBLE
nest4096Nested-scheme HEALPix (Gorski et al. 2005) index with NSIDE=4096 (~1 arcmin resolution)INTEGER
parallax_errorStandard error of parallaxDOUBLE
parallax_over_errorParallax divided by its errorDOUBLE
parallax_pmdec_corrCorrelation between parallax and proper motion in declinationDOUBLE
parallax_pmra_corrCorrelation between parallax and proper motion in right ascensionDOUBLE
phot_bp_mean_fluxIntegrated BP mean fluxDOUBLE
phot_bp_mean_flux_errorError on the integrated BP mean fluxDOUBLE
phot_bp_mean_flux_over_errorIntegrated BP mean flux divided by its errorDOUBLE
phot_bp_mean_magIntegrated BP mean magnitudeDOUBLE
phot_bp_n_obsNumber of observations contributing to BP photometrySMALLINT
phot_bp_rp_excess_factorBP/RP excess factorDOUBLE
phot_g_mean_fluxG-band mean fluxDOUBLE
phot_g_mean_flux_errorError on G-band mean fluxDOUBLE
phot_g_mean_flux_over_errorG-band mean flux divided by its errorDOUBLE
phot_g_mean_magG-band mean magnitudeDOUBLE
phot_g_n_obsNumber of observations contributing to G photometrySMALLINT
phot_proc_modePhotometry processing modeSMALLINT
phot_rp_mean_fluxIntegrated RP mean fluxDOUBLE
phot_rp_mean_flux_errorError on the integrated RP mean fluxDOUBLE
phot_rp_mean_flux_over_errorIntegrated RP mean flux divided by its errorDOUBLE
phot_rp_mean_magIntegrated RP mean magnitudeDOUBLE
phot_rp_n_obsNumber of observations contributing to RP photometrySMALLINT
phot_variable_flagPhotometric variability flagCHAR
pmdecProper motion in declination directionDOUBLE
pmdec_errorStandard error of proper motion in declination directionDOUBLE
pmraProper motion in right ascension directionDOUBLE
pmra_errorStandard error of proper motion in right ascension directionDOUBLE
pmra_pmdec_corrCorrelation between proper motion in right ascension and proper motion in declinationDOUBLE
priam_flagsflags for the Apsis-Priam resultsINTEGER
raRight ascensionDOUBLE
ra_dec_corrCorrelation between right ascension and declinationDOUBLE
ra_errorStandard error of right ascensionDOUBLE
ra_parallax_corrCorrelation between right ascension and parallaxDOUBLE
ra_pmdec_corrCorrelation between right ascension and proper motion in declinationDOUBLE
ra_pmra_corrCorrelation between right ascension and proper motion in right ascensionDOUBLE
radial_velocityRadial velocityDOUBLE
radial_velocity_errorRadial velocity errorDOUBLE
radius_percentile_lowerradiusVal lower uncertaintyDOUBLE
radius_percentile_upperradiusVal upper uncertaintyDOUBLE
radius_valstellar radiusDOUBLE
random_idUnique random number between 0 and 100REAL
random_indexRandom index used to select subsetsINTEGER
ref_epochReference epochREAL
ring256Ring-scheme HEALPix (Gorski et al. 2005) index with NSIDE=256 (~14 arcmin resolution)INTEGER
rv_nb_transitsNumber of transits used to compute radial velocitySMALLINT
rv_template_fe_hFe/H of the template used to compute radial velocityREAL
rv_template_logglogg of the template used to compute radial velocityREAL
rv_template_teffTeff of the template used to compute radial velocityREAL
solution_idSolution IdentifierBIGINT
source_idUnique source identifier (unique within a particular Data Release)BIGINT
teff_percentile_lowerteffVal lower uncertaintyDOUBLE
teff_percentile_upperteffVal upper uncertaintyDOUBLE
teff_valstellar effective temperatureDOUBLE
visibility_periods_usedNumber of visibility periods used in Astrometric solutionSMALLINT