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Table: gaia_dr2.ssoobs
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
decDeclination of the sourceDOUBLE
dec_error_randomStandard error of declination - randomDOUBLE
dec_error_systematicStandard error of declination - systematicDOUBLE
epochGaia-centric epoch TCB(Gaia)DOUBLE
epoch_errError in Gaiacentric epochREAL
epoch_utcGaiacentric epoch UTCDOUBLE
g_fluxAverage calibrated G flux for the transitDOUBLE
g_flux_errorError on the G fluxDOUBLE
g_magCalibrated G magDOUBLE
level_of_confidenceLevel of confidence of the identificationSMALLINT
number_mpminor planet number attributed by MPCINTEGER
observation_idObservation IdentifierBIGINT
position_angle_scanPosition angle of the scanning directionDOUBLE
raRight ascension of the sourceDOUBLE
ra_dec_correlation_randomCorrelation of ra and dec errors - randomDOUBLE
ra_dec_correlation_systematicCorrelation of ra and dec errors - systematicDOUBLE
ra_error_randomStandard error of right ascension - randomDOUBLE
ra_error_systematicStandard error of right ascension - systematicDOUBLE
solution_idSolution IdentifierBIGINT
source_idSource identifierBIGINT
vx_gaiaBarycentric x velocity of GaiaDOUBLE
vy_gaiaBarycentric y velocity of GaiaDOUBLE
vz_gaiaBarycentric z velocity of GaiaDOUBLE
x_gaiaBarycentric x position of GaiaDOUBLE
y_gaiaBarycentric y position of GaiaDOUBLE
z_gaiaBarycentric z position of GaiaDOUBLE