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Table: gaia_dr2.ssoorb
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
asemimajor axisDOUBLE
ceucurrent orbit uncertaintyREAL
ceu_epochdate of the CEUINTEGER
ceu_raterate of change of the orbit uncertaintyREAL
codeobject specific flagsINTEGER
designationMPC nameCHAR
eccentricityorbit eccentricityDOUBLE
inclinationorbit inclinationDOUBLE
mag_habsolute magnitudeREAL
node_omegalongitude of ascending nodeDOUBLE
number_mpAsteroid MPC numberINTEGER
obs_arcarc spanned by the observationsINTEGER
obs_numnumber of observations usedSMALLINT
omegaargument of perihelionDOUBLE
orb_datedate of orbit computationINTEGER
orb_mmean anomalyDOUBLE
osc_epochepoch of osculationINTEGER
slope_gslope parameterREAL
solution_idSolution IdentifierBIGINT