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Table: gaia_dr2.tsstat
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
abbe_mag_bpAbbe value for BP observationsDOUBLE
abbe_mag_g_fovAbbe value for G FoV transitsDOUBLE
abbe_mag_rpAbbe value for RP observationsDOUBLE
iqr_mag_bpInterquartile BP magnitude rangeDOUBLE
iqr_mag_g_fovInterquartile range for G FoV transitsDOUBLE
iqr_mag_rpInterquartile RP magnitude rangeDOUBLE
kurtosis_mag_bpStandardized unweighted BP magnitude kurtosisDOUBLE
kurtosis_mag_g_fovStandardized unweighted G FoV magnitude kurtosisDOUBLE
kurtosis_mag_rpStandardized unweighted RP magnitude kurtosisDOUBLE
mad_mag_bpMedian Absolute Deviation (MAD) for BP observationsDOUBLE
mad_mag_g_fovMedian Absolute Deviation (MAD) for G FoV transitsDOUBLE
mad_mag_rpMedian Absolute Deviation (MAD) for RP observationsDOUBLE
max_mag_bpMaximum BP magnitudeDOUBLE
max_mag_g_fovMaximum G FoV magnitudeDOUBLE
max_mag_rpMaximum RP magnitudeDOUBLE
mean_mag_bpMean BP magnitudeDOUBLE
mean_mag_g_fovMean G FoV magnitudeDOUBLE
mean_mag_rpMean RP magnitudeDOUBLE
mean_obs_time_bpMean observation time for BP observationsDOUBLE
mean_obs_time_g_fovMean observation time for G FoV transitsDOUBLE
mean_obs_time_rpMean observation time for RP observationsDOUBLE
median_mag_bpMedian BP magnitudeDOUBLE
median_mag_g_fovMedian G FoV magnitudeDOUBLE
median_mag_rpMedian RP magnitudeDOUBLE
min_mag_bpMinimum BP magnitudeDOUBLE
min_mag_g_fovMinimum G FoV magnitudeDOUBLE
min_mag_rpMinimum RP magnitudeDOUBLE
num_selected_bpTotal number of BP observations selected for variability analysisSMALLINT
num_selected_g_fovTotal number of G FOV transits selected for variability analysisSMALLINT
num_selected_rpTotal number of RP observations selected for variability analysisSMALLINT
range_mag_bpDifference between the highest and lowest BP magnitudesDOUBLE
range_mag_g_fovDifference between the highest and lowest G FoV magnitudesDOUBLE
range_mag_rpDifference between the highest and lowest RP magnitudesDOUBLE
skewness_mag_bpStandardized unweighted BP magnitude skewnessDOUBLE
skewness_mag_g_fovStandardized unweighted G FoV magnitude skewnessDOUBLE
skewness_mag_rpStandardized unweighted RP magnitude skewnessDOUBLE
solution_idSolution IdentifierBIGINT
source_idUnique source identifierBIGINT
std_dev_mag_bpSquare root of the unweighted BP magnitude varianceDOUBLE
std_dev_mag_g_fovSquare root of the unweighted G FoV magnitude varianceDOUBLE
std_dev_mag_rpSquare root of the unweighted RP magnitude varianceDOUBLE
time_duration_bpTime duration of the BP time seriesDOUBLE
time_duration_g_fovTime duration of the time series for G FoV transitsDOUBLE
time_duration_rpTime duration of the RP time seriesDOUBLE