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Table: gnirs_dqs.obs_log
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
balBroad Absorption Line quasar. 0=False. 1=True.SMALLINT
comAdditional comment code. 1 = At least one exposure did not meet our observation condition requirements. 2 = Observation failed to provide spectrum of the source due to bad weather, instrument artifacts, or other technical difficulties during the observation.SMALLINT
decDeclination in degreesDOUBLE
elatEcliptic latitudeDOUBLE
elonEcliptic longitudeDOUBLE
glatGalactic latitudeDOUBLE
glonGalactic longitudeDOUBLE
hmagSDSS H band magnitudeREAL
htm9HTM Level-9 indexINTEGER
jmagSDSS J band magnitudeREAL
kmagSDSS Ks band magnitudeREAL
nest4096Healpix ID with nside 4096, nested schemaINTEGER
netexpNet exposure timeSMALLINT
objSDSS object designationVARCHAR
obsdateObservation date; YYYY MMM DDVARCHAR
raRight ascension in degreesDOUBLE
random_idRandom ID in the range 0 to 100 (decimal)REAL
ring256Healpix ID with nside 256, ring schemaINTEGER
rlRadio-Loud quasar. 0=False. 1=True.SMALLINT
semesterSemester of observationVARCHAR
zsdssSDSS spectroscopic redshiftREAL