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Table: ivoa_des_sva1.exposure
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
access_estsizeEstimated size of dataset in kilo bytesINTEGER
access_formatFile content formatCHAR
access_urlURL used to access (download) datasetCHAR
airmassAirmass of observationREAL
calib_levelCalibration level {0, 1, 2, 3, 4}INTEGER
date_obsDate of observationCHAR
dec_j2000Declination (ICRS)DOUBLE
decj2000_Declination (ICRS)CHAR
ellipticEstimate of average ellipticityREAL
expnumExposure numberINTEGER
exptimeExposure timeREAL
filerefArchive file referenceCHAR
filt_strFull filter stringCHAR
filterFilter name (short form)CHAR
fwhmEstimate of average FWHMREAL
haHour angle of observationCHAR
instrumentName of the instrument used for this observationCHAR
magzeroMagnitude zero pointREAL
mjd_obsMJD of observationCHAR
moonangleAngle between target and moonREAL
objectObject nameCHAR
obs_collectionData collection to which dataset belongsCHAR
obs_idFree syntax Observation IdentifierCHAR
obs_pub_didDataset identifier given by the publisherCHAR
obstypeObservation type (object, zero, dark, dome flat)CHAR
pathFile path in archiveCHAR
photflagPhotometric quality flagINTEGER
plverPipeline versionCHAR
proctypeProcessing type (Raw, InstCal, Stack, Resampled, etc)CHAR
prodtypeProduct type (image, dqmask, expmap, etc)CHAR
product_typeLogical data product type (image etc.)CHAR
propidProposal IDCHAR
proposerName of proposal PICHAR
ra_j2000Right Ascension (ICRS)DOUBLE
raj2000_Right Ascension (ICRS)CHAR
seeingSeeing estimateREAL
telescopeTelescope used for observationCHAR
zdZenith distance of observationREAL