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Table: ivoa_gogreen_dr1.siav2
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
access_estsizeEstimated size of dataset in kilo bytesINTEGER
access_formatFile content formatCHAR
access_urlURL used to access (download) datasetCHAR
calib_levelCalibration level {0, 1, 2, 3, 4}INTEGER
ccdnumDetector (mosaic) CCD numberINTEGER
collectionName of the data collectionCHAR
creationtypeNature or genre of the contentCHAR
creatorName of the creator of the dataCHAR
datalengthTotal Number of pixelsINTEGER
dec1Lower-left Dec (ICRS) position of imageDOUBLE
dec2Lower-right Dec (ICRS) position of imageDOUBLE
dec3Upper-right Dec (ICRS) position of imageDOUBLE
dec4Upper-left Dec (ICRS) position of imageDOUBLE
el_lengthNumber of total pixelsINTEGER
el_naxesNumber of axesINTEGER
el_naxis1Length of axis 1INTEGER
el_naxis2Length of axis 2INTEGER
el_pixtypePixel typeCHAR
el_sizeSize of each pixelINTEGER
extnameMEF Extension NameCHAR
filerefArchive file referenceCHAR
filterFilter name (short form)CHAR
fluxaxis_ucdUCD of Flux axisCHAR
fluxaxis_unitUnits of Flux axisCHAR
naxesNumber of image axesINTEGER
naxis1Length of first image axisINTEGER
naxis2Length of second image axisINTEGER
nsubarraysNumber of sub-arraysINTEGER
obs_collectionData collection to which dataset belongsCHAR
obs_idFree syntax Observation IdentifierCHAR
obs_pub_didDataset identifier given by the publisherCHAR
photflagPhotometric quality flagINTEGER
pix_res1Pixel resolution of axis 1DOUBLE
pix_res2Pixel resolution of axis 2DOUBLE
pixtypepixel typeCHAR
plverPipeline versionCHAR
proctypeProcessing typeCHAR
prodtypeProduct type (image, dqmask, expmap, etc)CHAR
pubdidDataset identifier given by the publisherCHAR
ra1Lower-left RA (ICRS) position of imageDOUBLE
ra2Lower-right RA (ICRS) position of imageDOUBLE
ra3Upper-right RA (ICRS) position of imageDOUBLE
ra4Upper-left RA (ICRS) position of imageDOUBLE
spat_hilimit1Upper limit of spatial axis 1DOUBLE
spat_hilimit2Upper limit of spatial axis 2DOUBLE
spat_loc1Spatial position along axis 1DOUBLE
spat_loc2Spatial position along axis 2DOUBLE
spat_lolimit1Lower limit of spatial axis 1DOUBLE
spat_lolimit2Lower limit of spatial axis 2DOUBLE
spat_res1Spatial resolution of axis 1DOUBLE
spat_res2Spatial resolution of axis 2DOUBLE
spec_locationCentral location along spectral axisDOUBLE
spec_resSpectral resolutionDOUBLE
spec_respowerValue of the resolving power along the spectral axis. (R)DOUBLE
spec_startStart location along spectral axisDOUBLE
spec_stopEnd location along spectral axisDOUBLE
time_locationCentral location along time axisCHAR
time_startStart location along time axisDOUBLE
time_stopEnd location along time axisDOUBLE
titleBrief description of dataset in free formatCHAR
wcsaxes1WCS project along axis 1CHAR
wcsaxes2WCS project along axis 2CHAR