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Table: ls_dr3.survey_ccds
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
airmassAiremass, e.g. 1.35REAL
arawgainAverage gain for this CCD, eg 4.34.REAL
avskyAverage sky level in this image, in ADU, eg 36.9324REAL
cameraThe camera that took this image, e.g. decamCHAR
ccddecoffMedian astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsec.REAL
ccdmdncolMedian (g-i) color from the PS1 catalog of the matched stars.REAL
ccdnameCCD name (see DECam layout), e.g. N10 or S7CHAR
ccdnmatchNumber of stars matched to PS1 catalog of matched starsSMALLINT
ccdnmatchaNumber of stars in amp A matchedSMALLINT
ccdnmatchbNumber of stars in amp B matchedSMALLINT
ccdnstarNumber of stars founds on the CCDSMALLINT
ccdnumCCD number (see DECam layout), eg 1SMALLINT
ccdphrmsPhotometric rms for the CCD (in mag).REAL
ccdraoffMedian astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsec.REAL
ccdskycountsMean sky count level per pixel in the CP-processed frames measured (with iterative rejection) for each CCD in the image section [500:1500,1500:2500]REAL
ccdskymagMean sky background in AB mag/arcsec^2 on each CCDREAL
ccdskyrmsSky rms (in counts)REAL
ccdzptZeropoint for the CCD (AB mag).REAL
ccdzptaZeropoint for amp A (AB mag).REAL
ccdzptbZeropoint for amp B (AB mag).REAL
cd1_1Astrometric header value: transformation matrix.REAL
cd1_2Astrometric header value: transformation matrix.REAL
cd2_1Astrometric header value: transformation matrix.REAL
cd2_2Astrometric header value: transformation matrix.REAL
crpix1Astrometric header value: X reference pixel.REAL
crpix2Astrometric header value: Y reference pixel.REAL
crval1Astrometric header value: RA of reference pixel.DOUBLE
crval2Astrometric header value: Dec of reference pixel.DOUBLE
date_obsDate of observation start, eg 2014-08-15. Can be combined with ut, or use mjd_obs insteadCHAR
decApproximate Dec center of this CCD (deg).DOUBLE
dec_boreTelescope boresight Dec of this exposure (deg).DOUBLE
expidExposure ID string, e.g. 00348224-S29 (from expnum and ccdname)CHAR
expnumUnique DECam exposure number, e.g. 348244INTEGER
exptimeExposure time in seconds, e.g. 30REAL
filterFilter used for observation, e.g. g, r, zCHAR
fwhm[use seeing instead]REAL
haHour angle of the observation (HH:MM:SS)CHAR
heightHeight in pixels of this image, eg 4096.SMALLINT
image_filenamePath to FITS image, eg decam/CP20140810_g_v2/c4d_140815_235218_ooi_g_v2.fits.fz.CHAR
image_hduFITS HDU number in the image_filename file where this image can be found.SMALLINT
mjd_obsDate of observation in MJD (in UTC system), eg 56884.99373389.DOUBLE
objectName listed in the object tag from the CCD headerCHAR
propidNOAO Proposal ID that took this image, eg 2014B-0404.CHAR
raApproximate RA center of this CCD (deg).DOUBLE
ra_boreTelescope boresight RA of this exposure (deg).DOUBLE
seeingSeeing in arcseconds determined by fitting a 2-dimensional gaussian to the median PSF of stars on the CCD, eg 1.1019.REAL
tempOutside temperature in C listed in the OUTTEMP tag in the CCD image header.REAL
utTime of observation start, eg 23:50:58.608241.CHAR
widthWidth in pixels of this image, eg 2046.SMALLINT
zptMedian zero point for the entire image (median of all CCDs of the image), eg 25.0927.REAL