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Table: ls_dr8.survey_ccds_kd_n
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
airmassfloat32 Airmass of observation (measured at the telescope bore-sight)REAL
cameraThe camera that took this image e.g. "90prime"VARCHAR
ccddecoffMedian astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsecREAL
ccddecrmsrms in astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsecREAL
ccdnamechar[5] CCD name, e.g. "N10", "S7" for DECamVARCHAR
ccdnastromNumber of stars (after sigma-clipping) used to compute astrometric correctionSMALLINT
ccdnphotomNumber of Gaia plus PS1 stars detected with signal-to-noise ratio greater than fiveSMALLINT
ccdphrmsPhotometric rms for the CCD (in mag)REAL
ccdraoffMedian astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsecREAL
ccdrarmsrms in astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsecREAL
ccdskycountsMean sky count level per pixel in the CP-processed frames measured (with iterative rejection) for each CCD in the image section [500:1500,1500:2500]REAL
ccdskysbSky surface brightness (in AB mag/arcsec2)REAL
ccdzptZeropoint for the CCD (AB mag)REAL
cd1_1Astrometric header value: transformation matrixREAL
cd1_2Astrometric header value: transformation matrixREAL
cd2_1Astrometric header value: transformation matrixREAL
cd2_2Astrometric header value: transformation matrixREAL
crpix1Astrometric header value: X reference pixelREAL
crpix2Astrometric header value: Y reference pixelREAL
crval1Astrometric header value: RA of reference pixelDOUBLE
crval2Astrometric header value: Dec of reference pixelDOUBLE
decApproximate Dec center of this CCD (deg)DOUBLE
dec_boreTelescope boresight Dec of this exposure (deg)DOUBLE
elatEcliptic LatitudeDOUBLE
elonEcliptic LongitudeDOUBLE
expnumExposure number, eg 348224BIGINT
exptimefloat32 Exposure time in seconds, eg 30REAL
filterFilter used for observation, eg "g ", "r", "z"CHAR
fwhmFWHM (in pixels) measured by the CPREAL
glatGalactic LatitudeDOUBLE
glonGalactic LongitudeDOUBLE
heightHeight in pixels of this image, eg 4096SMALLINT
htm9HTM Index (order 9 => ~10 arcminsize)INTEGER
image_filenamePath to FITS image, e.g. "north/DECam_CP/CP20170729/c4d_170730_045351_ooi_g_v1.fits.fz"VARCHAR
image_hduFITS HDU number in the image_filename file where this image can be foundSMALLINT
mjd_obsfloat64 Date of observation in MJD (in UTC system), eg 56884.99373389DOUBLE
nest4096HEALPIX Index (Nsides 4096, Nest scheme => ~52 arcsec size)INTEGER
objectName listed in the object tag from the CCD headerVARCHAR
plprocidUnique, time-based, CP processing hash - see the plprocid page for how to convert this to a dateVARCHAR
plverCommunity Pipeline (CP) version numberVARCHAR
procdateCP processing dateVARCHAR
propidNOAO Proposal ID that took this image, eg "2014B-0404"VARCHAR
raApproximate RA center of this CCD (deg)DOUBLE
ra_borefloat64 Telescope boresight RA of this exposure (deg)DOUBLE
ring256HEALPIX index (Nsides 256 => ~14 arcmin size)INTEGER
sig1Median per-pixel error standard deviation, in nanomaggiesREAL
skyrmsSky rms for the entire image (in counts)REAL
widthWidth in pixels of this image, eg 2046SMALLINT
yshift(ignore; it is always False)SMALLINT
zptMedian zero point for the entire image (median of all CCDs of the image), eg 25.0927REAL