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Table: lsst_sim.simdr1
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
avV-band ExtinctionREAL
c_oSurface C/O ratio by number, n_C/n_OREAL
cexcessCarbon excess at surface, log(n_c-n_O)-log(n_H)+12, -1 for O-rich starsREAL
compFlag for binarity, single star=0, primary=1, secondary=2, entire binary=3SMALLINT
g_bpmagGaia G-BP color (Vegamag)REAL
g_rpmagGaia G-RP color (Vegamag)REAL
gaia_gmagGaia G magnitude (Vegamag)REAL
galbGalactic latitudeDOUBLE
gallGalactic longitudeDOUBLE
gcGalactic component, thin disk=1, thick disk=2, halo=3, bulge=4, MCs=5SMALLINT
gmagLSST g-band magnitude (ABmag)REAL
htm9HTM index (order-9 -> ~10 arcmin size)INTEGER
imagLSST i-band magnitude (ABmag)REAL
labelEvolutionary phase, PMS=0, MS=1, SGB=2, RGB=3, CHeB=4,5,6,EAGB=7,TPAGB=8,PAGB+WD=9SMALLINT
logageLogarith of age in yearsREAL
loggLogarith of surface gravity in cgs unitsREAL
loglLogarithm of luminosity in L_sunREAL
logteLog effective temperature (K)REAL
m_hInitial Metallicity [M/H], equal to [Fe/H] in this version (dex)REAL
m_iniInitial mass (M_sun)DOUBLE
massPresent mass (M_sun)REAL
mbolmagApparent Bolometric luminosity (4.77 for Sun)REAL
mcoretpCore mass during the TP-AGB, otherwise null (Msun)REAL
mlossMass loss rate (Msun/year)REAL
mu0True distance modulusREAL
nest4096HEALPIX index (Nsides 4096, Nest scheme => ~52 arcsec size)INTEGER
period0Period of fundamental mode (days) if LPV, otherwise nullREAL
period1Period of first overtone (days) if LPV, otherwise nullREAL
pmdecProper motion in DecREAL
pmodeExpected pulsation mode if LPV, fundamental=0, first overtone=1, -1 otherwiseINTEGER
pmracosdProper motion in RA*cos(Dec)REAL
rmagLSST r-band magnitude (ABmag)REAL
tau1mOptical depth at 1 micron, for stars w/ heave mass lossREAL
umagu-band magbnitudeREAL
veluU-component velocityREAL
velvV-component velocityREAL
velwW-component velocityREAL
vradRadial velocityREAL
xSurface H mass fractionREAL
xcSurface C mass fractionREAL
xnSurface N mass fractionREAL
xoSurface O mass fractionREAL
ySurface He mass fractionREAL
ymagLSST y-band magnitude (ABmag)DOUBLE
zLinear heavy element abundanceREAL
zmagLSST z-band magnitude (ABmag)REAL