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Table: lsst_sim.simdr2
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
avV-band ExtinctionREAL
c_oSurface C/O ratio by number, n_C/n_OREAL
cexcessCarbon excess at surface, log(n_c-n_O)-log(n_H)+12, -1 for O-rich starsREAL
decDeclination J2000 (deg)DOUBLE
elatEcliptic latitudeDOUBLE
elonEcliptic longitudeDOUBLE
g_bpmagGaia G-BP color (Vegamag)REAL
g_rpmagGaia G-RP color (Vegamag)REAL
gaia_gmagGaia G magnitude (Vegamag)REAL
galbGalactic latitude (deg)DOUBLE
gallGalactic longitude (deg)DOUBLE
gcGalactic component, thin disk=1, thick disk=2, halo=3, bulge=4, MCs=5SMALLINT
gmagLSST g-band magnitude (ABmag)REAL
htm9HTM index (order-9 -> ~10 arcmin size)INTEGER
imagLSST i-band magnitude (ABmag)REAL
labelEvolutionary phase, PMS=0, MS=1, SGB=2, RGB=3, CHeB=4,5,6, EAGB=7, TPAGB=8, PAGB+WD=9SMALLINT
logageLogarithm of age in yearsREAL
loggLogarithm of surface gravity in cgs unitsREAL
loglLogarithm of luminosity in L_sunREAL
logteLog effective temperature (K)REAL
m_hInitial Metallicity [M/H], equal to [Fe/H] in this version (dex)REAL
m_iniInitial mass (M_sun)REAL
massPresent mass (M_sun)REAL
mbolmagApparent Bolometric luminosity (4.77 for Sun)REAL
mcoretpCore mass during the TP-AGB, otherwise null (Msun)REAL
mlossMass loss rate (M_sun/year)REAL
mratioMass ratio of binary systems (0 for single stars)REAL
mu0True distance modulusREAL
nest4096HEALPIX index (Nsides 4096, Nest scheme => ~52 arcsec size)INTEGER
period0Period of fundamental mode (days) if LPV, otherwise nullREAL
period1Period of first overtone mode (days) if LPV, otherwise nullREAL
period2Period of second overtone mode (days) if LPV, otherwise nullREAL
period3Period of third overtone mode (days) if LPV, otherwise nullREAL
period4Period of fourth overtone mode (days) if LPV, otherwise nullREAL
pmdecProper motion in DecREAL
pmodeExpected pulsation mode if LPV, fundamental=0, first overtone=1, second overtone=2, third overtone=3, fourth overtone=4, -1 otherwiseSMALLINT
pmracosdProper motion in RA*cos(Dec)REAL
raRight Ascension J2000 (deg)DOUBLE
random_idRandom ID in the range 0.0 => 100.0REAL
ring256Ring-scheme HEALPix (Gorski et al. 2005) index with NSIDE=256 (~14 arcmin resolution)INTEGER
rmagLSST r-band magnitude (ABmag)REAL
tau1mOptical depth at 1 micron, for stars w/ heavy mass lossREAL
umagLSST u-band magnitude (ABmag)REAL
veluU-component velocityREAL
velvV-component velocityREAL
velwW-component velocityREAL
vradRadial velocityREAL
xSurface H mass fractionREAL
xcSurface C mass fractionREAL
xnSurface N mass fractionREAL
xoSurface O mass fractionREAL
ySurface He mass fractionREAL
ymagLSST y-band magnitude (ABmag)REAL
zLinear heavy element abundanceREAL
zmagLSST z-band magnitude (ABmag)REAL