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Table: nsc_dr2.meas
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
asemiProfile RMS along major axis, in arcsecondsREAL
asemierrUncertainty in ASEMIREAL
bsemiProfile RMS along minor axis, in arcsecondsREAL
bsemierrUncertainty in BSEMIREAL
ccdnumCCD numberINTEGER
class_starStar/Galaxy classifierREAL
decDeclination (J2000.0) of object, in degreesDOUBLE
decerrUncertainty in DECREAL
exposureExposure nameCHAR
filterFilter (u, g, r, i, z, Y, VR)CHAR
flagsSExtractor FLAG valueINTEGER
fwhmFWHM assuming a gaussian core, in arcsecondsREAL
kron_radiusKron radius, in arcsecondsREAL
mag_aper1Aperture photometry in 1-arcsec diameter apertureREAL
mag_aper2Aperture photometry in 2-arcsec diameter apertureREAL
mag_aper4Aperture photometry in 4-arcsec diameter apertureREAL
mag_aper8Aperture photometry in 8-arcsec diameter apertureREAL
mag_autoAutomatic elliptical aperture photometryREAL
magerr_aper1Uncertainty in MAG_APER1REAL
magerr_aper2Uncertainty in MAG_APER2REAL
magerr_aper4Uncertainty in MAG_APER4REAL
magerr_aper8Uncertainty in MAG_APER8REAL
magerr_autoUncertainty in MAG_AUTOREAL
measidUnique measurement IDCHAR
mjdObservation Modified Julian DateDOUBLE
objectidUnique object IDCHAR
raRight ascension (J2000.0) of object, in degreesDOUBLE
raerrUncertainty of RAREAL
thetaPosition-angle measured CCW East of North, in degreesREAL
thetaerrUncertainty in THETAREAL
xCentroid in X-dimension (1st moment), in pixelsREAL
yCentroid in Y-dimension (1st moment), in pixelsREAL