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Table: phat_v2.phot_meas
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
backgroundTotal sky levelREAL
brickBrick number, 1-23INTEGER
chiGoodness of fit to the PSFREAL
chipChip numberINTEGER
countsTotal countsREAL
crowdDolPHOT crowding parameter (difference that subtracting neighbors has on the measured magnitude of the source)REAL
dateobsUT date of observation y mCHAR
decDeclination (J2000)DOUBLE
exptimeExposure timeREAL
extImage extension, zero for base imageINTEGER
fieldField number, 1-18INTEGER
filterFilter nameCHAR
flagDolPHOT photometric quality flagREAL
imageName of image used to measure photometryCHAR
magerrMagnitude errorREAL
magvegaVEGA magnitude for the sourceREAL
mjdModified Julian dateDOUBLE
objidUnique object IDCHAR
raRight ascension (J2000)DOUBLE
rateCTE-adjusted, aperture corrected count rate for the source countsREAL
roundDolPHOT roundness parameterREAL
sharpDolPHOT object sharpness parameterREAL
snrSignal-to-noise ratioREAL
timeobsUT time of observation h mCHAR