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Table: sdss_dr14.dr14q
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
ancillary_target1BOSS target selection flag for ancillary programsBIGINT
ancillary_target2BOSS target selection flag for ancillary programsBIGINT
bi_civBALnicity Index of CIV absorption troughREAL
boss_target1BOSS target selection flag for main surveyBIGINT
cc_flagsWISE contamination and confusion flagCHAR
decDeclination in decimal degrees(J2000)DOUBLE
disk_onlyTRUE if the object is not listed in specobjall.CHAR
eboss_target0Target selection flag for the eBOSS pilot surveyBIGINT
eboss_target1eBOSS target selection flagBIGINT
eboss_target2eBOSS target selection flagBIGINT
elatEcliptic LatitudeDOUBLE
elonEcliptic LongitudeDOUBLE
err_bi_civError on the Balnicity index of CIV troughREAL
extinction_gGalactic extinction in SDSS g band from from Schlafly & Finkbeiner (2011)REAL
extinction_iGalactic extinction in SDSS i band from from Schlafly & Finkbeiner (2011)REAL
extinction_rGalactic extinction in SDSS r band from from Schlafly & Finkbeiner (2011)REAL
extinction_uGalactic extinction in SDSS u band from from Schlafly & Finkbeiner (2011)REAL
extinction_zGalactic extinction in SDSS z band from from Schlafly & Finkbeiner (2011)REAL
fiberidSpectroscopic fiber numberSMALLINT
first_fluxFIRST peak flux density at 20 cmREAL
first_matchedFIRST matching flagSMALLINT
first_snrS/N of the FIRST flux densityREAL
fuv_ivarInverse variance of FUV fluxREAL
galex_matchedGALEX match flagSMALLINT
glatGalactic LatitudeDOUBLE
glonGalactic LongitudeDOUBLE
hfluxH-band flux density from UKIDSSREAL
hflux_errError in H-band flux density from UKIDSSREAL
hmagH magnitude (Vega, 2MASS)REAL
hmag_errError in H magnitudeREAL
hrdflagH-Band photometry flagSMALLINT
hsnrH-Band S/NREAL
htm9HTM index (order 9 => ~10 arcmin size)INTEGER
instrumentSpectrograph used for the observation (SDSS or BOSS)CHAR
jfluxJ-band density flux from UKIDSSREAL
jflux_errError in J-band flux density from UKIDSS)REAL
jmagJ magnitude (Vega, 2MASS)REAL
jmag_errError in J magnitudeREAL
jrdflagH-Band photometry flagSMALLINT
jsnrJ-Band S/NREAL
kfluxK-band flux density from UKIDSSREAL
kflux_errError in K-band flux density from UKIDSSREAL
kmagK magnitude (Vega, 2MASS)REAL
kmag_errError in K magnitudeREAL
krdflagK-Band photometry flagSMALLINT
ksnrK-Band S/NREAL
miAbsolute magnitude in i band, Mi [z = 2], see DR14Q paper for cosmologyREAL
mjdModified Julian Day of the spectroscopic observationINTEGER
n_specNumber of additional spectra available in SDSS-I/II/III/IVSMALLINT
n_spec_bossNumber of additional spectra available in SDSS-III/IVSMALLINT
n_spec_sdssNumber of additional spectra available in SDSS-I/IISMALLINT
nest4096HEALPIX index (Nsides 4096, Nest scheme => ~52 arcsec sizeINTEGER
nuv_ivarInverse variance of NUV fluxREAL
ph_flagsWISE photometric quality flagCHAR
plateSpectroscopic plate numberSMALLINT
psfflux_gPSF flux in g bandREAL
psfflux_iPSF flux in i bandREAL
psfflux_rPSF flux in r bandREAL
psfflux_uPSF flux in u bandREAL
psfflux_zPSF flux in z bandREAL
psffluxivar_gInverse variance of PSF flux in g bandREAL
psffluxivar_iInverse variance of PSF flux in i bandREAL
psffluxivar_rInverse variance of PSF flux in r bandREAL
psffluxivar_uInverse variance of PSF flux in u bandREAL
psffluxivar_zInverse variance of PSF flux in z bandREAL
psfmag_gPSF magnitude in g bandREAL
psfmag_iPSF magnitude in i bandREAL
psfmag_rPSF magnitude in r bandREAL
psfmag_uPSF magnitude in u bandREAL
psfmag_zPSF magnitude in z bandREAL
psfmagerr_gPSF magnitude in g bandREAL
psfmagerr_iPSF magnitude in i bandREAL
psfmagerr_rPSF magnitude in r bandREAL
psfmagerr_uPSF magnitude in u bandREAL
psfmagerr_zPSF magnitude in z bandREAL
raRight Ascension in decimal degrees(J2000)DOUBLE
random_idRandom ID in the range 0.0 => 100.0REAL
rass_countslog RASS full band count rate (counts/s)REAL
rass_counts_snrS/N of the RASS count rateREAL
ring256HEALPIX index (Nsides 256, Ring scheme => ~14 arcmin size)INTEGER
run2d2D Reduction version of spectrumCHAR
sdss2first_sepSDSS-FIRST separationREAL
sdss2mass_sepSDSS-2MASS separationREAL
sdss2rosat_sepSDSS-RASS separationREAL
sdss2wise_sepSDSS-WISE separationREAL
sdss2xmm_sepSDSS-XMM-Newton separationREAL
sdss_joinidUnique ID based on PLATE, MJD, FIBERID for joining across data releasesBIGINT
sdssnameSDSS-DR14 designation - (J2000)CHAR
specobjidUnique database ID based on PLATE, MJD, FIBERID, RUN2DBIGINT
thing_idUnique SDSS source identifierINTEGER
ukidss_matchedUKIDSS matching flagSMALLINT
w1chi2chi-squared in W1 bandREAL
w1magW1 magnitude (Vega, WISE)REAL
w1mag_errError in W1 magnitudeREAL
w1snrS/N in W1 bandREAL
w2chi2chi-squared in W2 bandREAL
w2magW2 magnitude (Vega, WISE)REAL
w2mag_errError in W2 magnitudeREAL
w2snrS/N in W2 bandREAL
w3chi2chi-squared in W3 bandREAL
w3magW3 magnitude (Vega, WISE)REAL
w3mag_errError in W3 magnitudeREAL
w3snrS/N in W3 bandREAL
w4chi2chi-squared in W4 bandREAL
w4magW4 magnitude (Vega, WISE)REAL
w4mag_errError in W4 magnitudeREAL
w4snrS/N in W4 bandREAL
xmm_fluxTotal (0.2-12.0 keV) X-ray flux from XMM-NewtonREAL
xmm_flux_errError on total X-ray flux from XMM-NewtonREAL
xmm_hard_fluxHard (4.5-12.0 keV) X-ray flux from XMM-NewtonREAL
xmm_hard_flux_errError on hard X-ray flux from XMM-NewtonREAL
xmm_luminosityTotal (0.2-12.0 keV) X-ray luminosity from XMM-NewtonREAL
xmm_soft_fluxSoft (0.2-2.0 keV) X-ray flux from XMM-NewtonREAL
xmm_soft_flux_errError on soft X-ray flux from XMM-NewtonREAL
yfluxY-band flux density from UKIDSSREAL
yflux_errError in Y-band flux density from UKIDSSREAL
zRedshift (most robust estimate for each quasar)REAL
zerrError on redshift given in Col. #9REAL
zmgiiRedshift of the MgII emission lineREAL
zpcaPCA redshift (homogeneous over the full sample)REAL
zpcaerrError on PCA redshiftREAL
zpipeSDSS pipeline redshift estimateREAL
zpipeerrError on SDSS pipeline redshift estimateREAL
zsourceOrigin of the Z measurement (VI, PIPE, AUTO, OTHER)CHAR
zviRedshift based on visual inspection (when available)REAL
zwarningQuality flag on SDSS pipeline redshift measurementINTEGER