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Table: smash_dr2.chip
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
alf_depthMedian ALLFRAME depth, instrumental magsREAL
alf_nsourcesTotal number of DAOPHOT/ALLFRAME sourcesINTEGER
apcorAperture correctionREAL
badsolnDid we have a good transformation equation/solution for these dataSMALLINT
baseBase of all files for this chipCHAR
calib_amtermTransformation equation airmass/extinction termREAL
calib_amtermsigTransformation equation uncertainty in airmass/extinction termREAL
calib_bandTransformation equation band nameCHAR
calib_colbandTransformation equation band name to construct the colorCHAR
calib_colsignTrans. eqn. sign: 1 - color=band-colband; -1 - color=colband-bandSMALLINT
calib_coltermTransformation equation color termREAL
calib_coltermsigSigma of color term in calibrationREAL
calib_zptermTransformation equation zeropoint termREAL
calib_zptermsigTransformation equation uncertainty in zeropoint termREAL
calibratedIs this chip calibrated or notSMALLINT
chipChip number (1-62)SMALLINT
chipidUnique chip image name, e.g. 00123451_10CHAR
dao_depthALLSTAR depth (peak of the source histogram), instrumental magsREAL
dao_npsfstarsNumber of stars used to construct PSFINTEGER
dao_nsourcesTotal number of DAOPHOT/ALLSTAR sources in chipINTEGER
dao_psfboxsizePSF box size in pixelsINTEGER
dao_psfchiDAOPHOT PSF chi goodness-of-fit valueREAL
dao_psftypeAnalytical function type for DAOPHOT PSFCHAR
dao_psfvarorderSpatial PSF variations, -1 to 2INTEGER
dateobsObservation timestamp: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSSSSSCHAR
decDeclination at center of chip (in degrees)DOUBLE
ebvMedian SFD E(B-V) for this chipREAL
elatEcliptic latitudeDOUBLE
elonEcliptic longitudeDOUBLE
expnumEight-digit exposure numberCHAR
exptimeExposure time in secondsREAL
fileFilename for this chipCHAR
filterFilter, u, g, r, i, or zCHAR
fwhmFWHM of PSF (i.e. seeing) in pixels (multiply by 0.26 to get arcsec)REAL
gaiawcsnmatchGAIA DR1 matches used for the astrometric fittingINTEGER
gaiawcsrmsThe RMS of the residuals using the GAIA DR1 reference starsREAL
gainGain, electrons/ADUREAL
glatGalactic latitude of field, in degreesDOUBLE
glonGalactic longitude of field, in degreesDOUBLE
htm9HTM index (order 9 => ~10 arcmin size)INTEGER
mjdObservation Modified Julian DateDOUBLE
nest4096HEALPIX index (Nsides 4096, Nest scheme => ~52 arcsec size)INTEGER
nsrcNumber of sources in SOURCE table for this chipINTEGER
nxNumber of pixels in X-dimensionINTEGER
nyNumber of pixels in Y-dimensionINTEGER
photometricIs this from a photometric nightSMALLINT
photred_fieldShort field name for the PHOTRED reductionCHAR
pixscaleArcsec per pixelREAL
raRight ascension at center of chip (in degrees)DOUBLE
rdnoiseRead noise, electronsREAL
refexpnumExposure number for the reference frameCHAR
ring256HEALPix ring nside=256 indexINTEGER
skymodeMedian sky background levelREAL
skysigSigma in sky backgroundREAL
ubercal_flagUbercal flag: 0-none, 1-good, 2-med exp+chip, 3-med exp+std chipSMALLINT
ubercal_magoffsetThe magnitude offset applied from the ubercal algorithmREAL
vertex_dec1First DEC value for the four corners of the chipDOUBLE
vertex_dec2Second DEC value for the four corners of the chipDOUBLE
vertex_dec3Third DEC value for the four corners of the chipDOUBLE
vertex_dec4Fourth DEC value for the four corners of the chipDOUBLE
vertex_ra1First RA value for the four corners of the chipDOUBLE
vertex_ra2Second RA value for the four corners of the chipDOUBLE
vertex_ra3Third RA value for the four corners of the chipDOUBLE
vertex_ra4Fourth RA value for the four corners of the chipDOUBLE
wcsrmsRMS in WCS fit with respect to reference catalog in arcsecREAL
wcstypeWCS type, always TPVCHAR
zpcalib_magofferrThe uncertainty in the zero-point offsetREAL
zpcalib_magoffsetThe zero-point offset used for this chipREAL
zpcalibflagZP calib type: 1-phot DECam, 2-overlap, 3-0.9m, 4-GAIA relationsSMALLINT