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Table: splus_dr2.main
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
aIsophotal image major axis [pixel]REAL
bIsophotal image minor axis [pixel]REAL
calibration_flagIndication of the reference catalogue for calibration. 1: use of Stellar Locus. 2: SDSS (DR12). 4: SDSS (Ivezic7). 8: ATLAS RefCat2. 16: GALEX (DR6/7). 32: Skymapper (DR2).REAL
class_starStar/Galaxy classifier output for the detection imageREAL
class_star_f378Star/Galaxy classifier output for F378 band imageREAL
class_star_f395Star/Galaxy classifier output for F395 band imageREAL
class_star_f410Star/Galaxy classifier output for F410 band imageREAL
class_star_f430Star/Galaxy classifier output for F430 band imageREAL
class_star_f515Star/Galaxy classifier output for F515 band imageREAL
class_star_f660Star/Galaxy classifier output for F660 band imageREAL
class_star_f861Star/Galaxy classifier output for F861 band imageREAL
class_star_gStar/Galaxy classifier output for G band imageREAL
class_star_iStar/Galaxy classifier output for I band imageREAL
class_star_rStar/Galaxy classifier output for R band imageREAL
class_star_uStar/Galaxy classifier output for U band imageREAL
class_star_zStar/Galaxy classifier output for Z band imageREAL
decDeclination J2000 [deg]DOUBLE
e_f378_aper_3AB F378 band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_f378_aper_6AB F378 band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_f378_autoAB F378 band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_f378_isoAB F378 band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_f378_petroAB F378 band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_f378_pstotalAB F378 band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
e_f395_aper_3AB F395 band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_f395_aper_6AB F395 band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_f395_autoAB F395 band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_f395_isoAB F395 band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_f395_petroAB F395 band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_f395_pstotalAB F395 band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
e_f410_aper_3AB F410 band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_f410_aper_6AB F410 band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_f410_autoAB F410 band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_f410_isoAB F410 band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_f410_petroAB F410 band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_f410_pstotalAB F410 band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
e_f430_aper_3AB F430 band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_f430_aper_6AB F430 band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_f430_autoAB F430 band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_f430_isoAB F430 band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_f430_petroAB F430 band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_f430_pstotalAB F430 band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
e_f515_aper_3AB F515 band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_f515_aper_6AB F515 band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_f515_autoAB F515 band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_f515_isoAB F515 band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_f515_petroAB F515 band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_f515_pstotalAB F515 band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
e_f660_aper_3AB F660 band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_f660_aper_6AB F660 band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_f660_autoAB F660 band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_f660_isoAB F660 band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_f660_petroAB F660 band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_f660_pstotalAB F660 band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
e_f861_aper_3AB F861 band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_f861_aper_6AB F861 band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_f861_autoAB F861 band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_f861_isoAB F861 band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_f861_petroAB F861 band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_f861_pstotalAB F861 band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
e_g_aper_3AB G band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_g_aper_6AB G band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_g_autoAB G band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_g_isoAB G band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_g_petroAB G band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_g_pstotalAB G band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
e_i_aper_3AB I band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_i_aper_6AB I band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_i_autoAB I band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_i_isoAB I band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_i_petroAB I band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_i_pstotalAB I band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
e_r_aper_3AB R band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_r_aper_6AB R band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_r_autoAB R band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_r_isoAB R band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_r_petroAB R band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_r_pstotalAB R band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
e_u_aper_3AB U band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_u_aper_6AB U band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_u_autoAB U band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_u_isoAB U band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_u_petroAB U band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_u_pstotalAB U band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
e_z_aper_3AB Z band APER_3 magnitude errorREAL
e_z_aper_6AB Z band APER_6 magnitude errorREAL
e_z_autoAB Z band AUTO magnitude errorREAL
e_z_isoAB Z band ISO magnitude errorREAL
e_z_petroAB Z band PETRO magnitude errorREAL
e_z_pstotalAB Z band PSTOTAL magnitude errorREAL
elatEcliptic latitudeDOUBLE
ellipticity1 - B/AREAL
elonEcliptic longitudeDOUBLE
f378_aper_3AB F378 band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
f378_aper_6AB F378 band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
f378_autoAB F378 band AUTO magnitudeREAL
f378_isoAB F378 band ISO magnitudeREAL
f378_petroAB F378 band PETRO magnitudeREAL
f378_pstotalAB F378 band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL
f395_aper_3AB F395 band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
f395_aper_6AB F395 band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
f395_autoAB F395 band AUTO magnitudeREAL
f395_isoAB F395 band ISO magnitudeREAL
f395_petroAB F395 band PETRO magnitudeREAL
f395_pstotalAB F395 band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL
f410_aper_3AB F410 band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
f410_aper_6AB F410 band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
f410_autoAB F410 band AUTO magnitudeREAL
f410_isoAB F410 band ISO magnitudeREAL
f410_petroAB F410 band PETRO magnitudeREAL
f410_pstotalAB F410 band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL
f430_aper_3AB F430 band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
f430_aper_6AB F430 band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
f430_autoAB F430 band AUTO magnitudeREAL
f430_isoAB F430 band ISO magnitudeREAL
f430_petroAB F430 band PETRO magnitudeREAL
f430_pstotalAB F430 band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL
f515_aper_3AB F515 band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
f515_aper_6AB F515 band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
f515_autoAB F515 band AUTO magnitudeREAL
f515_isoAB F515 band ISO magnitudeREAL
f515_petroAB F515 band PETRO magnitudeREAL
f515_pstotalAB F515 band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL
f660_aper_3AB F660 band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
f660_aper_6AB F660 band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
f660_autoAB F660 band AUTO magnitudeREAL
f660_isoAB F660 band ISO magnitudeREAL
f660_petroAB F660 band PETRO magnitudeREAL
f660_pstotalAB F660 band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL
f861_aper_3AB F861 band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
f861_aper_6AB F861 band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
f861_autoAB F861 band AUTO magnitudeREAL
f861_isoAB F861 band ISO magnitudeREAL
f861_petroAB F861 band PETRO magnitudeREAL
f861_pstotalAB F861 band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL
fieldS-PLUS Field name of the observationVARCHAR
flux_radius_1Radius containing 0.2 fraction of the light [pixel]DOUBLE
flux_radius_2Radius containing 0.5 fraction of the light [pixel]DOUBLE
flux_radius_3Radius containing 0.7 fraction of the light [pixel]DOUBLE
flux_radius_4Radius containing 0.9 fraction of the light [pixel]DOUBLE
fwhmFWHM assuming a gaussian core [pixel]REAL
fwhm_f378FWHM at f378 filterREAL
fwhm_f395FWHM at f395 filterREAL
fwhm_f410FWHM at f410 filterREAL
fwhm_f430FWHM at f430 filterREAL
fwhm_f515FWHM at f515 filterREAL
fwhm_f660FWHM at f660 filterREAL
fwhm_f861FWHM at f861 filterREAL
fwhm_gFWHM at g filterREAL
fwhm_iFWHM at i filterREAL
fwhm_nNormalized field FWHMREAL
fwhm_rFWHM at r filterREAL
fwhm_uFWHM at u filterREAL
fwhm_zFWHM at z filterREAL
g_aper_3AB G band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
g_aper_6AB G band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
g_autoAB G band AUTO magnitudeREAL
g_isoAB G band ISO magnitudeREAL
g_petroAB G band PETRO magnitudeREAL
g_pstotalAB G band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL
glatGalactic latitudeDOUBLE
glonGalactic longitudeDOUBLE
htm9HTM index (order 9 => ~10 arcmin size)INTEGER
i_aper_3AB I band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
i_aper_6AB I band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
i_autoAB I band AUTO magnitudeREAL
i_isoAB I band ISO magnitudeREAL
i_petroAB I band PETRO magnitudeREAL
i_pstotalAB I band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL
idS-PLUS ID on this data releaseVARCHAR
isoareaIsophotal area above 3 sigma threshold [pixel2]INTEGER
kron_radiusKron apertures in units of A or BREAL
mu_maxPeak surface brightness above background [mag arcsec(-2)]REAL
ndet_aper_3Number of filters with detection in the APER_3 apertureREAL
ndet_aper_6Number of filters with detection in the APER_6 apertureREAL
ndet_autoNumber of filters with detection in the AUTO apertureREAL
ndet_isoNumber of filters with detection in the ISO apertureREAL
ndet_magpstotalNumber of filters with detection in the PETRO apertureREAL
ndet_petroNumber of filters with detection in the PSTOTAL apertureREAL
nest4096HEALPIX index (Nside 4096, Ring scheme => ~52 arcsec size)INTEGER
photoflag_f378Sources PhotoFlag in the F378 band imageBIGINT
photoflag_f395Sources PhotoFlag in the F395 band imageBIGINT
photoflag_f410Sources PhotoFlag in the F410 band imageBIGINT
photoflag_f430Sources PhotoFlag in the F430 band imageBIGINT
photoflag_f515Sources PhotoFlag in the F515 band imageBIGINT
photoflag_f660Sources PhotoFlag in the F660 band imageBIGINT
photoflag_f861Sources PhotoFlag in the F861 band imageBIGINT
photoflag_gSources PhotoFlag in the G band imageBIGINT
photoflag_iSources PhotoFlag in the I band imageBIGINT
photoflag_rSources PhotoFlag in the R band imageBIGINT
photoflag_uSources PhotoFlag in the U band imageBIGINT
photoflag_zSources PhotoFlag in the Z band imageBIGINT
photoflagdetSources PhotoFlag in the detection imageBIGINT
r_aper_3AB R band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
r_aper_6AB R band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
r_autoAB R band AUTO magnitudeREAL
r_isoAB R band ISO magnitudeREAL
r_petroAB R band PETRO magnitudeREAL
r_pstotalAB R band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL
raRight Ascention J2000 [deg]DOUBLE
random_idRandom ID in the range 0.0 => 100.0REAL
ring256HEALPIX index (Nside 256, Ring scheme => ~14 arcmin size)INTEGER
s2n_det_aper_3Sources s2n for the APER_3 aperture in the detection imageREAL
s2n_det_aper_6Sources s2n for the APER_6 aperture in the detection imageREAL
s2n_det_autoSources s2n for the AUTO aperture in the detection imageREAL
s2n_det_isoSources s2n for the ISO aperture in the detection imageREAL
s2n_det_petroSources s2n for the PETRO aperture in the detection imageREAL
s2n_f378_aper_3F378 band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f378_aper_6F378 band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f378_autoF378 band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f378_isoF378 band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f378_petroF378 band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f378_pstotalF378 band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f395_aper_3F395 band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f395_aper_6F395 band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f395_autoF395 band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f395_isoF395 band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f395_petroF395 band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f395_pstotalF395 band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f410_aper_3F410 band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f410_aper_6F410 band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f410_autoF410 band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f410_isoF410 band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f410_petroF410 band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f410_pstotalF410 band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f430_aper_3F430 band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f430_aper_6F430 band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f430_autoF430 band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f430_isoF430 band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f430_petroF430 band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f430_pstotalF430 band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f515_aper_3F515 band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f515_aper_6F515 band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f515_autoF515 band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f515_isoF515 band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f515_petroF515 band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f515_pstotalF515 band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f660_aper_3F660 band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f660_aper_6F660 band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f660_autoF660 band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f660_isoF660 band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f660_petroF660 band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f660_pstotalF660 band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f861_aper_3F861 band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f861_aper_6F861 band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f861_autoF861 band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f861_isoF861 band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f861_petroF861 band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_f861_pstotalF861 band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_g_aper_3G band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_g_aper_6G band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_g_autoG band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_g_isoG band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_g_petroG band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_g_pstotalG band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_i_aper_3I band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_i_aper_6I band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_i_autoI band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_i_isoI band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_i_petroI band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_i_pstotalI band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_r_aper_3R band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_r_aper_6R band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_r_autoR band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_r_isoR band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_r_petroR band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_r_pstotalR band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_u_aper_3U band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_u_aper_6U band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_u_autoU band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_u_isoU band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_u_petroU band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_u_pstotalU band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_z_aper_3Z band APER_3 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_z_aper_6Z band APER_6 magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_z_autoZ band AUTO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_z_isoZ band ISO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_z_petroZ band PETRO magnitude s2nREAL
s2n_z_pstotalZ band PSTOTAL magnitude s2nREAL
thetaIsophotal image position angle [deg]REAL
u_aper_3AB U band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
u_aper_6AB U band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
u_autoAB U band AUTO magnitudeREAL
u_isoAB U band ISO magnitudeREAL
u_petroAB U band PETRO magnitudeREAL
u_pstotalAB U band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL
xReduced Image CCD position [pixel]REAL
yReduced Image CCD position [pixel]REAL
z_aper_3AB Z band APER_3 magnitudeREAL
z_aper_6AB Z band APER_6 magnitudeREAL
z_autoAB Z band AUTO magnitudeREAL
z_isoAB Z band ISO magnitudeREAL
z_petroAB Z band PETRO magnitudeREAL
z_pstotalAB Z band PSTOTAL magnitudeREAL