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Table: usno.b1
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
b1_cSource of photometric calibrationSMALLINT
b1_etaResidual in Y directionREAL
b1_fField number on surveySMALLINT
b1_magFirst blue magnitudeREAL
b1_sSurvey numberSMALLINT
b1_sgStar-galaxy separationSMALLINT
b1_xiResidual in X directionREAL
b2_cSource of photometric calibrationSMALLINT
b2_etaResidual in Y directionREAL
b2_fField number in surveySMALLINT
b2_magSecond blue magREAL
b2_sSurvey numberSMALLINT
b2_sgStar-galaxy separationSMALLINT
b2_xiResidual in X directionREAL
dej2000Declination (ICRS)DOUBLE
dej2000_Declination (ICRS, sexagesimal)CHAR
e_dej2000Mean error on DEdeg at EpochINTEGER
e_pmdeMean error on pmDESMALLINT
e_pmraMean error on pmRASMALLINT
e_raj2000Mean error on RAdeg*cos(DEdeg) at EpochINTEGER
epochMean epoch of observationREAL
fit_deMean error on DEC fitSMALLINT
fit_raMean error on RA fitSMALLINT
flagsFlags on objectCHAR
htm9HTM index (order 9 => ~10 arcmin size)BIGINT
i_cSource of photometric calibrationSMALLINT
i_etaResidual in X directionREAL
i_fField number in surveySMALLINT
i_magInfrared (N) magnitudeREAL
i_sSurvey numberSMALLINT
i_sgStar-galaxy separationSMALLINT
i_xiResidual in X directionREAL
idObject identifierCHAR
muprTotal proper motion probabilitySMALLINT
ndetNumber of detectionsSMALLINT
nest256HEALPIX index (Nsides 256 => ~14 arcmin size)INTEGER
pmdeProper motion in DE (relative to YS4.0)INTEGER
pmraProper motion in RA (relative to YS4.0)INTEGER
r1_cSource of photometric calibrationSMALLINT
r1_etaResidual in Y directionREAL
r1_fField number on surveySMALLINT
r1_magFirst red magnitudeREAL
r1_sSurvey numberSMALLINT
r1_sgStar-galaxy separationSMALLINT
r1_xiResidual in X directionREAL
r2_cSource of photometric calibrationSMALLINT
r2_etaResidual in Y directionREAL
r2_fField number in surveySMALLINT
r2_magSecond red magREAL
r2_sSurvey numberSMALLINT
r2_sgStar-galaxy separationSMALLINT
r2_xiResidual in X directionREAL
raj2000Right Ascension (ICRS)DOUBLE
raj2000_Right Ascension (ICRS, sexagesimal)CHAR
ring256Ring-scheme HEALPix (Gorski et al. 2005) index with NSIDE=256 (~14 arcmin resolution)INTEGER