X-match Service

The Data Lab web cross-matching interface allows users to cross-match from a table of interest in their virtual storage (vospace) or personal database (myDB) to either a table from the Data Lab collection, or to another table in the same user’s vospace or myDB.

IMPORTANT: If you have a table on your local computer that you would like to use for the cross-match, first upload it to your Data Lab account using the “Table Management” tab.

  • Step 1: Select a table from either your vospace or myDB collection; select the positional columns (RA & Dec); and select the columns to carry to the output file (multi-column selection using your usual keyboard shortcuts).
  • Step 2: Select the table to match to your first selection either from the Data Lab collection (no need to specify the RA & Dec columns) or from your vospace or myDB (specify the RA & Dec columns to be used).
  • Step 3: Define the cross-matching criteria including the search radius (in arcsec), the number of matches to retrieve (nearest match or all matches within the search radius), and the format of the output file (saved to vospace by default, or can be downloaded to your local computer by clicking the box).
  • Step 4: Launch the cross-match

  • Additional Notes:
    - This instance work with positional arguments assuming RA and Dec (J2000) coordinates. Get in touch if you would need to work in a different WCS.

    Step 1:

    Pick the 1st table:  

    Step 2:

    Pick the 2nd table:
      Datalab table     User table  
    Click below to select output columns:

    Step 3:

  • *
  • Radius: arcseconds
  •   Find all matches     Nearest neighbor  
  •   Download results to your computer only
  • Step 4: