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I am using a jupyter notebook to do a crossmatch with local data and decaps_dr1. When using qc.mydb_drop() I can see the initial list of mydb tables and then the ones that are supossed to being dropped. But then, when I print the final list of mydb tables it shows me all the tables again. Is there another way to clean up this?

Thank you so much!
asked Feb 26, 2021 by andreacmejiasa (160 points) | 212 views

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Hi, thanks for reaching out.

I can't seem to be able to replicate the described behavior right away, i.e. I was able to do


and then


A subsequent print(qc.mydb_list()) did not show 'footable' anymore.

Can you please let us know the exact table names in your MyDB that are still showing after you tried to drop them?


answered Feb 26, 2021 by robertdemo (3,960 points)
Hi! Thanks for the quick response!
I uploaded several tables to a folder in the jupyter-notebook space with names like 'e607','e608'... etc, up to 'e932'.
Probably part of the problem is that I manually deleted those tables from the folder before dropping them with the command?

Thanks again!
Hi Andrea,
I'm probably misunderstanding something... but the mydb_* commands operate on your personal DB tables, not on files in your Jupyter notebook space.
Did you upload the tables from the files to your MyDB database? (for instance using a command like qc.mydb_import(), or on our website https://datalab.noirlab.edu/xmatch.php (and click on the Table Management tab).)

Maybe it would help if you could send a screenshot of the commands and outputs when you run in a Jupyter notebook, for instance:


Please email the screenshot(s) to datalab@noirlab.edu

Sure, I will write an email!


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