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Table: ivoa_ls_dr9.obscore
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
access_estsizeEstimated size of dataset in kilo bytesINTEGER
access_formatFile content formatCHAR
access_urlURL used to access (download) datasetCHAR
calib_levelCalibration level {0, 1, 2, 3, 4}INTEGER
em_maxEnd in spectral coordinatesDOUBLE
em_minStart in spectral coordinatesDOUBLE
em_res_powerValue of the resolving power along the spectral axis. (R)DOUBLE
em_xelNumber of elements along the spectral axisBIGINT
facility_nameName of the facility used for this observationCHAR
instrument_nameName of the instrument used for this observationCHAR
o_ucdNature of the observable axisCHAR
obs_collectionData collection to which dataset belongsCHAR
obs_idFree syntax Observation IdentifierCHAR
obs_pub_didDataset identifier given by the publisherCHAR
pol_statesList of polarization states present in the data fileCHAR
pol_xelNumber of elements along the polarization axisBIGINT
product_typeLogical data product type (image etc.)CHAR
s_decCentral Spatial Position in ICRS DeclinationDOUBLE
s_fovEstimated size of the covered region as the diameter of a containing circleDOUBLE
s_raCentral Spatial Position in ICRS Right ascensionDOUBLE
s_regionSky region covered by the data product (expressed in ICRS frame)CHAR
s_resolutionSpatial resolution of data as FWHM of PSFDOUBLE
s_xel1Number of elements along the first coordinate of the spatial axisBIGINT
s_xel2Number of elements along the second coordinate of the spatial axisBIGINT
t_exptimeTotal exposure timeDOUBLE
t_maxEnd time in MJDDOUBLE
t_minStart time in MJDDOUBLE
t_resolutionTemporal resolution FWHMDOUBLE
t_xelNumber of elements along the time axisBIGINT
target_nameObject of interestCHAR